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Tezos compilation guide for Ubuntu 18

Some of the code is repeated/unnecessary, feel free to provide a more concise guide

for Debian, see

You can skip all this and try run my precompiled libraries for Intel processors

For Ubuntu 16, you need:

upgrade to Ubuntu 18


sudo apt install bubblewrap
git clone
cd tezos
git checkout betanet
sudo apt install curl
sh <(curl -sL
cd ocaml-4.06.1
./configure -bindir /usr/bin -libdir /usr/lib/ocaml -mandir /usr/man/manl
make world
umask 022
sudo make install
cd ..
opam init
opam pin add jbuilder 1.0+beta20
eval $(opam env)
opam install -y astring base biniou cmdliner cohttp cohttp-lwt cohttp-lwt-unix conduit conduit-lwt conduit-lwt-unix cppo_ocamlbuild cpuid cstruct cstruct-lwt ezjsonm fieldslib fmt hex ipaddr irmin js_of_ocaml js_of_ocaml-compiler jsonm logs lwt mtime nocrypto ocaml-migrate-parsetree ocb-stubblr ocp-ocamlres ocplib-endian ocplib-json-typed ppx_ast ppx_core ppx_deriving ppx_driver ppx_fields_conv ppx_metaquot ppx_optcomp ppx_sexp_conv ppx_tools_versioned ppx_type_conv stdio topkg uri uutf yojson base64 cppo easy-format magic-mime ocaml-compiler-libs ppx_derivers ppx_traverse_builtins re result sexplib stringext
make build-deps

Create an identity, start RPC server, add address, activate:

./tezos-node identity generate 26
./tezos-node run --rpc-addr
./tezos-client add address fundraiser <tz1...>
./tezos-client activate fundraiser account fundraiser with <activation_key>

To import your fundraiser private key:

./tezos-client import fundraiser secret key <my_account>

Start baking (background service &):

./tezos-alpha-baker &
./tezos-alpha-baker &