What Bismuth Has Evolved Into

A part of Bismuth has evolved into a detached decentralized application layer. It is indeed possible, and it makes the network lighter by not forcing nodes to execute directly, but only those interested in it. I believe that with Python, building of such individual decentralized application “interpreters” is easy and achievable by everyone. So now you can write either contracts or new environments for contracts. Tezos, for example, took a different approach where you can change the algorithm by voting. I am not sure whether that is good or bad, but in Bismuth you can write your own without any voting. And you then supply the decentralized application engine (or just contracts if you want), directly to the people interested in it. What is more important, you are not limited by Solicity or Michaelson, you can just use the Python language in it’s completeness with all the available modules, cross-os compatibility.

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