Shocking discovery: Peter Todd is satoshi

Over the past few years, the hunt for satoshi nakamoto has been pivoted around a mysterious character people have created in their minds. The search has not in fact been for the creator of Bitcoin, but for someone unknown with mysterious supernatural powers. The media hoped to bestow such characteristics upon that person so it precedes his real character. We were supposed to discover Spiderman before knowing Peter Parker.

I have also been clouded by this type of thinking, identifying Nick Szabo as satoshi for over a year. It was not until recently that I realized he is obviously not, for he has done something satoshi, as an idealist, would never do. He paired up with banks.

When I started thinking about the identity of satoshi more deeply, I came to draw similarities to projects I have participated in and what was important in every single one. Consistency and incorruptibility. The reason why kingdoms crumble and empires end in war. The impossibility of transferring projects between people while keeping the original ideas intact. Letting the leash loose.

If Szabo got “corrupted”, why wouldn’t every satoshi candidate? After all, Szabo was the most skilled and educated amongst them. There is one person, however, never backed off and never made a compromise. Most importantly, he has never stepped down to give his project to someone else, jsut as satoshi never would. And his name, of course, is Peter Todd.

Hal Finney tried to cover up, saying that satoshi was Japanese. Of course he wasn’t, the name was just a reflection of the fascination with the Japanese culture by a western individual, who would colloquially be referred to as a weeaboo. And as a weeaboo, he would spend most of his time coding and daydreaming, not socializing. Because socializing could corrupt his idealism and in the process, destroy Bitcoin.

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