Ethereum takes lessons from Ardor

On Mar 28, 2014, Vitalik Buterin was interviewed about the differences between NXT and Ethereum (
). He noted that Ethereum is Turing-complete, while NXT is not and pushing a decentralized app code to NXT would be difficult as an additional layer outside the code core.

Many, including senior developer John Connor from project Vanillacoin/Vcash (XVC) doubted usefulness of Touring-completeness for a P2P project and several Etehreum hacks and hardforks have proven my optimism to be farfetched.

But happily, almost 2 years later, Vitalik also indirectly acknowledged Ardor, the “NXT 2.0” project through adopting a sharding mechanism ( to Ethereum, which is their custom sidechain implementation, similar in many ways. Vitalik aims at releasing sharding before Ardor testnet goes live in Q1 2017, apparently scared by the possibility of Ardor technological taking advantage over Ethereum, which has always considered itself most progressive on the fintech fringe.

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