Wait 12 months to see 60% of your Monero value disappear

All altcoins sing the same song. Hype, enter, pump, dump. The value goes up, a new standard is established and then slowly, over a period of many months, the value disappears so slowly that it does not even leave the bagholders angry. Well, not angry enough to sell. This is especially true for coins which have incompetent development and immediate existential threat posed by competition, as with Zcash ZEC in case of Monero XMR. Years have passed, there is still no GUI. Some of my friends think that the GUI is missing because the developer is a nerd who only cares about cryptography but don’t lie to yourself. Everyone knows GUIs are important and what’s more important – programming a GUI takes less than a week. Leaving aside the obvious coding incapabilities pointed out by various sources directly on GitHub in the past, I will leave you with a suggestion to think about Monero’s price. Especially now, when bagholders are starting to scream so loud it touches the people who even never heard of Bitcoin.

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