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Perfect timing for Ardor trading on Poloniex

Today, Ardor, the NXT 2.0 platform, started trading on Poloniex. Coincidentally, Ethereum is going though a second fork, which was originally rumored to be done on Monday. This will shift at least some attention towards Ardor.

At this time, NXT has reached it’s pre-Adror prices as most people predicted in the NXT price speculation thread here while I took a contrarian stance and continued catching the falling NXT knives.

What to take away from all this? Well, it is important to correlate price of Ardor to the price of NXT as it is being traded on the decentralized NXT exchange. If you want to trade it there now, you need NXT (similar principle of ETH and DAO/Augur).

However, since Poloniex is the most important altcoin platform right now, this may become irrelevant as a ARDR/BTC pair is now directly available.

The general consensus is that the future price of Ardor is supposed to dwindle due to fundamentals being still far in the future as it is supposed to be released only during Q3 2017, when a snapshot of Ignis, the first childchain will occur, again based on your NXT holdings.

The positive hype wave may push both Ardor and NXT in a short term upward spiral.

The Ethereum era is over. For now.

All ETH hopes and advertising efforts have been targeted towards the Devcon2 on September 19 in China. Judging from this picture, I judged that there would be no big annoncements as there were only some clowns and scammers and the only honorable person was Vitalik himself – for which we did not need to have a Devcon2.

Be ready to sell, there might still be an exit pump, but I see no hope for sustaining the hype in mid to longterm, at least in the current market, technical and development situation.