The grave Ethereum situation

I must admit I did not expect Ethereum to end up in the current state. I originally predicted that the DAO owners will force decisions on Vitalik Buterin and they have. Both his mental and physical health are declining as he is the person held responsible for other people’s choices, mafia-style. But I have not expected the other side, which created ETC, to appear. But all in all, you need two sides to divide a community. Let’s sum up the current state of affairs:

Coinbase accpted ETH and made themselves vulnerable to an attack which drain their capital. Current state of affairs is yet to be discovered.

The Ethereum Hard Fork enabled a replay attack on both ETC and ETH chains, although it was very easy to prevent such attack by only a few lines of code. Raises questions about competence of the Ethereum Foundation.

ETH and ETC are a competing system with an instant doubling of supply. Only two outcomes are possible, either one chain dies, or the market capitalization averages between the two.

Don’t even make me start about Tual. Here, read! He says that the ecosystem is not mature, although the only immature thing is his ability to write simple mathematical operators (higher than, lower than, equal) in his experiential software. He would rather damage the whole ecosystem than take blame for what was only his fault.

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