Guy makes 16650% profit with LISK

I’m the lucky guy, who made 1-st sells LSK coin on Poloniex. And it was really good experience for me.

I sold 332 LSK for 6.66 BTC. This is about 1 LSK @ $13.2 coin.
ICO coins was about 1 LSK @ $0.1.
Now 1 LSK @ $0.3.
As you can see, the profit is huge.

In that post I want to tell you the story of my success. I believe you can get something useful for yourself.



I was ICO investor with 2 BTC and received 11000 LSK for trading.

Before official launch of LISK coin I learned to start manual Lisk Node in Ubuntu environment by this tutorial. There is no official Windows client yet. And this is the most
important thing that I did.

The coin launch was announced on May 24, 2016 at 8pm UTC. 23:00 at my timezone (Russia). And Poloniex announced adding Lisk market asap.


My body was ready

… for ninja start. It was nightly here. I drunk RedBull and began my mission.

At 23:01 files appeared on and for my luck lisk web client was DDOSed (btw, it’s not my fault ;)) ). In 5 minutes I started Lisk node on Ubuntu, entered my ICO wallet and begin waiting for Poloniex.

At 23:15 Poloniex opened BTC/LSK market and I generated deposit address and sent 1300 LSK as quick as I can.

After that I was waiting 303 confirmations. Confirmations on Polo increasing periodically, 30-50 confirmations per time. I saw insane Buy orders while waiting. Top order was 0.00011573 LSK @ 447 BTC.

When confirmation number was 290+ I began pushing “Sell” button and receiving:

My adrenaline rolls over. This went on for about 15 minutes. I saw thousands “not enough” messages. Suddenly….

At one moment message was sold … sold … sold … sold … sold …. It was amazing feeling for me. Something like this:



I bought more cheaper LSK and now I’m holding as a hell!

So, my secret power was:

  • Learning before official ICO start
  • Lucky DDoS of
  • RedBull
  • F5 button and quick mouse moves

I hope this history was interesting and useful.

I can post more lifehacks for crypto trading and trading API usage.

For example, I made simple PumpMonitor using Poloniex API.

Support this post if you interested. Thanx!


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