Waves is not Ethereum, for the sake of God, don’t buy it

I thought that Waves was a complete platform. Meanwhile, their GitHub is quite empty, looks like they wasted their resources on the graphics instead. This is not Ethereum, which had clients ready on launch. This is a scam if I’ve ever seen one. Their only .conf file includes a mention of NXT, so will they run in NXT in the end and just forgot to rename it?


app {
product = "Scorex"
release = "Waves"
version = "0.1.3"
consensusAlgo = "nxt"

And here is the compromising material:


Bitcoin Core source code contains more 100K lines of code(80K of C++ only), Nxt is more than 45K line of Java code. All parts of the design(network/transactional/consensus protocols) are mixed in a hard way. So researchers and developers are not in good start positions to make experiments.

Also, there is no code in the repository, the only thing I could find was 5 HTML files titled “swagger ui”

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