Greedy DAO stakeholders will be ETH’s demise

The only possible option to keep Ethereum live is to stop touching it’s code in order to fix The DAO and to stop introducing bugs to it. However, there is a large user group called The DAO investors, who are unable to see the truth thanks to their greed. If they do not realize quickly enough, The DAO will take Ethereum down with it. There is no longer any space to pretend these projects are independent, because as pressure rises, the sacred unbiased code of ETH is getting a nasty sacrilege.

And the truth is:
-The DAO has already been hacked, reverting the funds using an address-specific rule violates the whole decentralized principle and will make the price plummet

-If you don’t stop interfering, the price of ETH will be directly correlated to that of the DAO, taking all ETH holders who did not invest in the DAO hostage. It was all fun and games, freedom, decentralization while the price was rising, right? But when somebody touches your property, you want them executed, taking and killing hostages in the process.

-And most interestingly: The hacker will most probably dump, which will make the price plummet, but probably not as hard. This is your only chance

I bet that the hard fork will be implemented and it will kill the DAO. And the DAO Hitlers will take ETH owners in the process. I never make predictions, but I’m 89.5% sure here.

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