Why Lisk is a scam

There are several reasons why consider Lisk a scam.

The Lisk code is only a rebranded Crypti (XCR) code, the only difference is the new logo.
Crypti already had an ICO and raised money for the development, yet it was abandoned by Lisk developers for profit.
The Lisk developers are actually no developers at all, they are two managers who never wrote a single line of code.
Everyone who has ever bought Lisk must have known that. In that case, nobody would invest anything.
In fact, Lisk never raised $6,000,000. The money simply does not exist and it is only a marketing strategy – here’s the proof https://nxtforum.org/general-discussion/nxt-2-0-crowfunding-will-be-a-failure/msg217969/#msg217969

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