Buywall represents a threat

If you have not noticed already, buy walls in crypto actually don’t mean someone is ready to buy a coin. In traditional markets, this is usually the opposite, because there you have to pay for putting an order. But in crypto, orders are for free, exchanges only charge for finished trades and buywalls may and will disappear immediately. The cycle in crypto is as follows

1, Accumulation – buying the coin for ridiculously low prices, over time
2, Promotion – pumping the coin in the media, paid articles in Cointelegraph and Coindesk
3, Manipulation – placing bots with minor amounts to move the price up
4, Unloading – putting up a huge buy wall reasonably below the current price while unloading at higher prices to make people think there is a strong support
5, Finish – removing the buy wall and watching the market crash

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