How to hedge against loss with HBN

Use “stake for charity” feature to generate HBN into a second wallet, from which you sell the coins at an exchange. This will let you turn 1% of your HBN coins back into BTC or USD every 10 days. The other 1% will be going into your staking wallet, making a return of 100% in 2 years, while you hedge against decrease of HBN price though selling.

This strategy results in the following:

-Coins are kept as a long-term investment (future price increase benefit)
-The number of coins in stake is increasing by 1% every 10 days (early adopter benefit)
-You gain 1% of your coins in any other currency of choice through an exchange (future price decrease benefit)

There are several reasons why HBN should not dramatically decrease in price:

-The holders are motivated by keeping coins
-POW coin generation makes entering the HBN market easy
-POW adheres to Satoshi’s principle of price oscillating around production costs
-HBN is backed by POS exponential security and not vulnerable to nothing-at-stake attack
-Inflation is kept at bay by adaptive POS distribution
-Name of the currency protects against pump&dump schemes



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