Hobonickels, my love story

When I was first getting involved with Cryptocurrencies, I stumbled upon Hobonickels, the first altcoin which by then fulfilled my three required qualifications:

A knowledgeable, stable developer. The coin has been actively developed by Tranz, who added some nice features over the years, including uniques such as split stake/combine control, staking to another wallet, integrated blockchain explorer and traffic graph, and handy blockchain statistics. My preference only grew stronger as I tried other altcoins, where I missed those features greatly (such as staking totals per period of time).

Hybrid PoW/PoS coin to gain advantages of both systems in order to increase stability and security. Node incentives though high reward, while setting a price floor through mining expenses. to paraphrase Satoshi Nakamoto: without market, the price relates to mining cost.

A reasonable economic design. Yes, a coin with 100% yearly PoS reward might sound like a bad idea, but Hobonickels have a clever inflation control. The staking reward moves between 1% and 100%, depending on the adoption level through staking, currently at 95-85%, see recent blog post by Tranz here: http://news.hobonickels.info/?p=7

There are several things which came as a bonus, without me previously realizing them. There is a mature community surrounding this coin, many of the adopters are skilled adult programmers running their own projects. Node counts are stable all over the world, stretching from USA over Europe to Japan. Many coins are come and go, but Hobonickels seem different, no FUD, no childish behavior, no pump and dumps. I would say that this is partly due to the name of the coin, dismissed by most at first sight. Think economic – what has never risen in value cannot fall in it.

As time moved on, I started exploring Linux systems for staking and ended up compiling both the full version and a daemon version of Hobonickels for Armv7 (Rapberry Pi, Allwinner 80), so you can use that now straight out of the box. Also, blockchain is readily available for direct download.

You can come visit us here:


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