Monero p&d project cancelled, leave the sinking boat

So it looks like David Latapie is now pretending to have been scammed in order to leave this XMR “project” in silence without suspicion. Needless to say, this story is probably a coverup and never happened. With the 0 programming effort that went into Monero (still not even a GUI today after 2 years), this comes as no surprise. Here is the quote:

Dear Moneroers,

There have been rumours about me. My silence was suspicious and there was even talks of criminal accusations in France.

Time to clear this up.

Months ago, I decided to go one step further in my involvement with Monero and to start a company to promote it (as well as the whole blockchain technology). It happened I made a terrible choice when it came to choose my partners. One of them, a very good smooth-talker, was a crook who managed to swindle us all (four other partners). We since discovered he was doing this for ten years. The French police eventually catched him and last thing I heard, he was in jail.

I deeply involved myself into this project, because it really meant a lot for me. This was not only about earning money, it was the culmination of years of sweating, not only in the society but also inside, in my head. So when everything crumbled, I was devastated.

I’m slowly recovering. It will take time, don’t expect to see me much active in the following months on Monero (I do have a great project in the works, where Monero plays a part – I won’t go into more details until I have something to show, though). I have to put a lot of things in order. The good news is that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

I’m still the David Latapie you know. Weakened, but the same. So whatever you may have believed about me several months ago still holds true.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Due to the characteristic properties, it is also possible that Latapie served as a puppet manipulated by someone else, this gave Monero a public image it needed so much for self-promotion.;all


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