Monthly Archives: December 2015

Altcoin sellout looks complete

The volumes and price swings have ceased in the established altcoins. This indicates that whoever wanted to leave for the BTC train already have, leaving us with two possible scenarios. Either Bitcoin moves up, leaving altcoins stale for the moment or Bitcoin moves back down – causing the rise proportionate to the height it previously achieves. Immediate return could just cause a further destabilization and fall in altcoin prices.

Ethereum scripting guides give real life usecases

Although nothing that would surpass NXT in functionality, the two new Ethereum tutorials showcase how to

1, create an altcoin
2, create a poll

The main difference is, of course, that in Ethereum you write the code yourself, while in the NXT it is ready-made. I am very excited to see more coding from the Ethereum community and put high hopes in the project, although it may still be a little overpriced if you plan for a long-term holding, which in my case means decades.


How to hedge against loss with HBN

Use “stake for charity” feature to generate HBN into a second wallet, from which you sell the coins at an exchange. This will let you turn 1% of your HBN coins back into BTC or USD every 10 days. The other 1% will be going into your staking wallet, making a return of 100% in 2 years, while you hedge against decrease of HBN price though selling.

This strategy results in the following:

-Coins are kept as a long-term investment (future price increase benefit)
-The number of coins in stake is increasing by 1% every 10 days (early adopter benefit)
-You gain 1% of your coins in any other currency of choice through an exchange (future price decrease benefit)

There are several reasons why HBN should not dramatically decrease in price:

-The holders are motivated by keeping coins
-POW coin generation makes entering the HBN market easy
-POW adheres to Satoshi’s principle of price oscillating around production costs
-HBN is backed by POS exponential security and not vulnerable to nothing-at-stake attack
-Inflation is kept at bay by adaptive POS distribution
-Name of the currency protects against pump&dump schemes