Some links for beginners and advanced Bitcoiners

Hello, here is a list of the most interesting links that I have compiled. I would have been thankful for them when I was starting with BTC.

How small Bitcoin is


LocalBitcoins volume charts (comparative indicative of price potential)

The origins of money:

Bitcoin Dictionary

Crypto-oriented trading chart platform

Short-term trading chat

Short-term/long-term trading ideas

Localbitcoins growth (real growth because of no hypertrading)

A good customizable altcoin dashboard (invite required)

Crypto-Currency Market Capitalizations

University of Nicosia – Free degree in cryptocurrencies

11 hours of deep Bitcoin education by Andreas Antonopoulos

Transaction volumes and other statistics


Neural price prediction:

Trading volumes on Cryptsy

Fiat-leak (just for curiosity)

BitListen (just for fun)

Trading advice

Mainsteram information (beware of ad-posts):

Blog of not Satoshi Nakamoto

Nice BTC news show

Coin Brief (not so brief) (dead now)

World Crypto Network

Deep stuff

People to ask advice on investments:
Paul Klanschek
Marc de Mesel (and especially his brother)

History of cryptocurrencies

Dont forget Reddit:

PoS in depth:

Mastering Bitcoin – full book online by Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Ondrej Novak’s prediction tool

Crypto analysis

Altcoin trading: (caution is highly advised)

My portfolio (details in Czech language):

Andreas M. Antonopoulos: “Consensus Algorithms, Blockchain Technology and Bitcoin” [UCL] (perfect, detailed)

Andreas Antonopoulos At BitcoinSouth: Money As A Content Type (great talk)

Andreas Antonopoulos Keynote + Q&A for (2 hours for Amsterdam, video for government)

Before Bitcoin – DEF CON 8:

Wired Money 2015 – Andreas M Antonopoulos – Bitcoin is the real disruptor

How Bitcoin Works Under the Hood

Joe Rogan Experience #446/581 Andreas Antonopoulos (quite a bit of advertising) (better than the first one)

Andreas Antonopoulos talks Bitcoin @ Melbourne Bitcoin Technology Center (Full)

Andreas M. Antonopoulos: Mastering Bitcoin (Epicenter Bitcoin)

Andreas Antonopoulos: The history and future of money. (“50 currencies today have less intrinsic value than goat shit”)

Andreas Antonopoulos @ MIT Bitcoin Club (sound sucks)

Bitcoin, the organism | Jeff Garzik | TEDxBinghamtonUniversity

Nick Szabo on Bitgold, Bitcoin and Smart Contracts

Scalability (BTC, ETH)

Blockchain: The Financial Challenge of our Time (Blythe Masters)

Two paraphrases about altcoins:

Satoshi Nakamoto: Without market, the price of Bitcoin revolves around the cost of production. (mine when it is profitable, buy when mining is not profitable)
jl777: Cryptocurrency’s most important value are developers.

my dogecoin digger:

Offer loans or get loans:

Bitcoin and Altcoin stats (good for spreadsheets):

code.talks 2015 – Bitcoin (Andreas M. Antonopoulos)

Nick Szabo – History of the Blockchain

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